36. Read Your Favorite Book From Childhood

Remember the magic of reading as a child? Remember how you felt when you first opened In the Night Kitchen by Maurice Sendak, or A Wrinkle In Time by Madeleine L'Engle? How about Harriet the Spy, or even Harry Potter? Why not take an afternoon and crack open one of these books and reconnect with your childhood imagination?

Don't recollect any books from your childhood? Try one of these:

Caffeine for the Creative Mind: 250 Exercises to Wake Up Your Brain
bookad For any designer or creative type who wants to quickly limber up their imagination on a daily basis, Wired helps readers get into the creative zone, from which all their best work springs. Packed with 15-minute simple and conceptual exercises, this guide will have readers reaching for markers, pencils, digital cameras, and more in order to develop a working and productive creative mindset.

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34. Random Acts of Art

Create random, temporary art works wherever you go:
  • While walking along the beach or in the woods, collect stones & pile them in interesting patterns
  • Collect pretty colored leaves and create a patterned leaf blanket on the grass
  • make quick sketches of something (a tree, a building, a sign, etc), and tape or tack the sketch to the object
  • make and stack snowballs in various patterns throughout a field, or along the sidewalks
  • hang ornaments from trees, etc.

Andy Goldsworthy: A Collaboration with Nature
bookad Scottish artist Andy Goldsworthy uses a seemingly infinite array of purely natural materials, from snow and ice to leaves, stone, and twigs in the creation of his one-of-a-kind sculptures.

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33. Find your favorite toy from childhood and play with it

Whether it was with hot wheels, pez, wheel-o's, erector sets, leggos, etc. there was a time we all played & played quite seriously. Why not find that favored toy and recreate the seriousness with which you used to play?

Classic Magic 8 Ball
bookad The classic original fortune teller, now available in authentic retro packaging. 20 original phrases answering "yes/no" questions.

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32. Make Snow Angels

If you live somewhere that gets snow - the next time you get the wintry white stuff, bundle up, go outside & make some snow angels.

While you're at it, build a snow creature or an igloo, and have a snow ball fight with your friends, or the neighborhood kids.

If you don't live somewhere that is graced by snow, you can always take the Andy Goldsworthy route & make Rain Prints. The next time it looks like it's gonna' rain - go outside and lay on the ground for a few minutes while it drizzles. You'll get wet, the ground around you will get wet - but underneath you will stay dry. Stand up & for a few seconds, you'll have a Rain Print of your silhouette. (c'mon, it won't hurt ya', it's just a little rain).

Andy Goldsworthy's Rivers & Tides
bookad Wildly praised by the nation's top critics, the smash theatrical hit RIVERS AND TIDES is a mesmerizing, poetic and curiously contemplative portrait of revered Scottish sculptor Andy Goldsworthy, whose long-winding rock walls, icicle assemblages and other intricate, druidic masterpieces are made entirely of materials found in the wild.

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31. Meditate

Find a nice quiet, comfortable place to sit, and meditate for 10, 20, or 30 minutes.

Having a hard time Meditating? Some tips...
  • Find a quiet place free from distraction
  • Sit with your limbs uncrossed and with a straight back, hands in your lap
  • Simply breathe at regular speed but breathe deeply and relax
  • Take a simple phrase and repeat it continuously in time with your breathing
  • Close your eyes and think of a beautiful scene from the natural world


30. Visit a Museum

Visit an art gallery or Museum. Take your sketchbook or journal and write about or draw what you see/like.


29. Become a Super Hero for a Day

Instead of using the term "hat" to describe your different roles, why not don a cape? Think of each role as a different super hero. There's nothing wrong with using that "Super Mom" or "Super Dad" title - so long as you have your super hero outfit on.

Need help visualizing yourself as a super hero?

Try printing out these magnets from HP.com - complete with photo frames, Ka-Plow! graphics, text, & speach bubbles - you can let your friends and family know which super hero you are today. (all you need are a few sheets of Magnet-paper, available at Office Depot-Max-Staples... an inkjet printer, & some scissors)

Evil-doers Beware!